lots and lots and lots of pictures.

first, check friday’s post again. i traded out the picture for one i took today – the next installment of time lapse. things to note are windows and welding on the front porch (rapunzel porch).

first: house plans

frontfront backback northnorth

southsouth 1st floorfloor 1 2nd floorfloor 2

3rd floorfloor 3

i know these need to be bigger, so use those handy web tools that let you drag your mouse and see them blown up. sorry. we can always start a comment thread about what each thing is?

for a little trip down memory lane, a picture of the back of the house from october 2006, when still inhabited by many needles and occasional transients.

shack back

and now some shots around the house today. light still plays through spaces differently than it will, so i’m trying to capture the spaces now. it will close in soon enough.

doorthe messy downstairs (with great front door leaning and waiting)

back looking to the backyard and pool (hole for fireplace flue)

pink? front bedroom with 2nd floor doors, also waiting.

2nd floor looking from the pink room back (baths on left, master w/ window)

tree window window in the 2nd floor landing/lego/laundry/office

nesting again and now el nido is safe (hallelujah) with a wall framed by taylor and corin and windows in place to prevent a 3.5 story fall…

green? the two top bedrooms hall and looking down the hall with the sliders to go on the right (roof porch access) wall waiting their turn.

this weekend we did not dry in, but one extra lumber trip later (and with some window & door caulk for good measure) everything is set for tomorrow to be the big day. but that doesn’t mean there will be a party. who has time for a party on monday without electricity?

so… next saturday afternoon, 4pm, we’ll be grilling on the big green egg that arrives this week, using scrap lumber for fuel. if you want to come, bring a little something, and please don’t expect chairs. we have to be done by darkness. ahhh, the limitations of construction parties. see you there.


One Response to “lots and lots and lots of pictures.”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Wow! So cool, it’s starting to look so…well, like you could actually live in it soon. ;o) The doors are crazy! Can’t wait to see it all in person. Maybe we’ll try to join in the big festivities on Sat.!

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