progressive city, progress coffee, and posting from the field

well, this is a cool day.  i’ll apologize on the front end that i haven’t yet put floor plans onto this blog, but i’ll try to make good within the week.  for the curious now, the house is three story (a dying breed here) – first is all living, with a line kitchen, .5 bath, utility closet, and closet for beer fridge/freezer.  2nd floor is 2 beds, 2 baths, and the weird room at the top of the stairs that we use for lego – we have one in our current house, and it is now a fixture.  3rd floor is a hall with 2 big glass sliding doors to take you out to the roof patio, and 2 very small bedrooms.

our fingers are cold, but our hearts are warm today, because not only did all 4 people come, so did  our two dogs, frances and nuttie.  i don’t know how everyone else will feel about it, but we’re pumped.  they have been very neglected lately, and we just couldn’t take it anymore.

using city eastside wireless network, glad to know there’s a good coffee shop nearby (though the odds of my having time to get over there today are slim to none), and looking forward to lots of deliveries today.  one of the most interesting (aside from rainbow doors) is a prepainted hardi lap siding – they enamel the paint on in the factory so it is essentially a maintenance free exterior surface, but with color!  it comes delivered like cheese from the deli counter – a thin sheet of paper in between each plank.  i look forward to unwrapping it…

the one thing i didn’t bring today is the cord to upload pictures here – that will have to wait, i think, for this evening.  ok, i’m going to drink coffee now.   i’m shivering, and i can’t feel all my fingers.


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