another manic monday

well, the day started (again) quite early, and i took the big truck


thinking that post-meridian i would take a bold solo trip to the community landfill with osb and subfloor scraps that can’t be burned.  as it turned out, i didn’t.  but the fuzzy leopard blanket bench seat saw me through quite a day – from weeding our new garden plot (and seeing the framers up on the roof from said plot), seeing the plumbing trenchers arrive, check the site [way too full of scaffolding, etc.], & leave, seeing the first finish pieces go on [cedar soffit on the roof overhang], meeting with mechanical contractors to design airflow and return, chatting with a new friend in lawn chairs in the alley, and then helping our neighbors with insurance/language difficulties, which involved fax trips to heb.  whew.

so……. when the front ‘yard’ was clean enough for plumbers arriving very early tomorrow, it was too dark for the daily photo.  i promise to make it up tomorrow.

this week portends plumbing rough and top-out, which means all plumbing is done until setting of fixtures at the very end.  also to come this very week (stunning and i’m so grateful) are mechanical (they as well will finish placing all ducts), door, sliding glass windows, interior pocket doors, and all the other windows.  and perhaps !?!? the beginning of cedar and pre-enameled colored lap hardi siding on the stair tower.

oh, and the butterfly roof received a waterproof lamination to keep it safe from rain until the real roof comes along.

taylor did have the foresite to give me an entire vaccuum thermos of coffee.  i didn’t, though, find time to drink the last third until the truck commute home in the dark.


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