thank you.

to each and every one of you for not yet telling me that i’m being a bad mother and friend.  i don’t have time to call, thank you notes fell off the truck a long time ago, and i forget to return calls, emails, letters – this whole first job, first house thing is a little nuts.  and thanks for coming to visit.  it makes my day.  i’m planning a little impromptu beer, chips & salsa for the evening the house dries in – maybe friday evening?  i’ll keep you posted…


One Response to “thank you.”

  1. Andrew Stirton Says:


    Something more to think about: You might want to consider having the lights in your stairs mounted on the walls. Usually the light fixture is mounted on the ceiling over the landing. If this is the case, and you have a globe covering the lamp, its a pain getting to the fixture.

    Have a GREAT DAY!,

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