a reflection [or, this is somewhat like a parade of very skilled, busy elephants]

i don’t know if i’m one of the only people that associates what they’ve read in design magazines (all the greats – arch. dig., dwell, met. home, blah, blah, blah) with things that happen in real life, but today i had a moment. every article i’ve read (which is an amazingly wrong superlative qualifier, but forgive me, kerin) about building a non-mansion relates the architect having a moment of self-doubt, a la “i really began to debate if the double jacuzzi tub seemed wrong in that space, what with views of the santa monica pier only available from the right side of the bathroom” or the homeowner himself saying “when i saw framing go up, i began to wonder if we couldn’t have shaved money from the budget somewhere else. it is hard to fit all these collectible expensive vases in a space that limits them, you know?”

and then there’s our house. i don’t know if we just crossed the ‘it’s too small’ bridge so long ago that it isn’t even a passing thought, but this week has been simply a marvel of delight that the house is so BIG. i did a quick back-of-pickup-truck calculation, and minus stairs, we have 1,500 sf of living area, which by almost any standard isn’t big, but wow, is it big. every time i enter with the visitor of the moment, which today alone included the architect and his wife, 2 friends from UT, 2 guys from mccoy’s who have both supplied many parts of the house, a passing builder and his girlfriend, and a new neighbor acquaintance, and lastly the green soy-based spray foam insulation company owner and one of his installers, i can hardly keep myself from saying ‘look at all these rooms!’ what a dorky comment. i only allowed it with dave, as he could appreciate like no one else the puzzle that was urban-infill on this lot.

and i really struggle with nausea, vertigo, and panic when i’m up on the third floor near an opening not yet covered by a window or rail. i have admitted as much to the framers. either they think it’s quaint, or that i’m a big loser. they haven’t told me which.

i have to admit as well that i don’t really know why the house seems like a parade of elephants as opposed to some other analogy. i think it just sounds right. [that was a disclaimer in case any of you are reading this and taking offense that i might be calling you an elephant in one fashion or another. i’m not.] maybe it is because everything is happening so quickly and monumentally, so to speak? i have no idea.

today at noon:


and today at the whistle:


but because you can’t really see progress on stairs and things on the back or sides, i’ll have to tell you to look above the tall fork on the pecan to see the extra high landing above the third floor that will be a little reading nook, and invite you to stop by. i’m thinking we need a little party sans electricity once the house is dried in, but until then, here is an architectural shot showing that the house is really only half three stories.


and here are my bosses.



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