this is only the fourth day, mind you. [if you don’t count the day they framed the foundation beams, which i should have.]

and there isn’t that much to see from the front. they didn’t spend all day putting on three pieces of OSB, that’s for sure. the stair tower is finished, you can see the finished roof height on the right hiding in the trees. that is the home of future secret passages and reading nooks. there is now a lovely balcony off the bedroom in the back (ours), many sides of the house are clad (sided with osb), and there are stairs from the first to the second floor [which only shows us just how little storage this house will have]. it was very cold today, and if there are any readers who ever feel like taking a sympathy drive by, i only warm up with coffee. pathetic, i know. i shivered uncontrollably for much of the day…

and so, an aside: in the fall of 2002 we went camping to big bend, with a 4 year old and a 6 month old, who was a great sleeper (at home) and after a 10 hour drive where the little sleeper didn’t sleep at all and cried more loudly than we could happily handle (he was a famously loud crier), we arrived at big bend, where the ranger told us to make sure we didn’t let our kids run ahead on the trails because panthers stalk young small people. it was beautiful for star watching. the then 4 year old played with a toy orange metal road scraper for hours on end, and in his memory the sum total of the trip was playing and eating and hiking: i will tie in this very long tangent by admitting that we saw a real life road scraper yesterday and he remembered big bend from five years ago and said ‘wow, that was a great time, we should go back again sometime’ when he saw the road scraper. amazement at kid memories in general aside (and selective memories at that), it brings to mind a favorite moment on said trip, when finally the screamer and his mellow big brother were both asleep in the tent, and we settled into the only calm of our vacation, sitting in lawn chairs to enjoy hot chocolate and dark and peace, when i decided to attempt a bath (after 48 hours without) and heated some water. in the complete dark, standing by the picnic table in relative undress, i hear a ‘brooke’ calm and gentle…’there’s a skunk right here‘ and i calmly climb onto the table and watch in the dim as the skunk comes over and sniffs around for a long long long time under the table, so long, in fact, that a car’s headlights come around the bend on the way into the campsite, and i’m then caught between the proverbial rock and hard place, one being smelly and the other indecent.

that was all to keep you reading in case homebuilding isn’t exactly your cup of tea. the story ends uneventfully: the rock decided to amble on before the hard place arrived with a revealing glare.

tomorrow should bring a completed stairway, a sheathed house wrapped in tyvek (saran wrap for casas), a roof (not waterproof exactly, but hey), and a start date from roofer, plumber, and hvac bosses. and maybe, if i’m really lucky, an americano at just the right moment. this is the house at 5pm today.



One Response to “this is only the fourth day, mind you. [if you don’t count the day they framed the foundation beams, which i should have.]”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Wow! Secret passage ways. This house just keeps getting cooler. ;o)
    Great camping story too.

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