chatting under a roof

so, i feel a need to capture in print the amazing speed with which this new nest has flown up into the precious protected prolific pecans (a shake sends a shower of snack to all interested picker-uppers).

tuesday was christmas 2006 2007. piers were on the site. (editor’s note: this shows my disjointed and slightly overwhelmed self.  thank God for taylor and many friends, or we might never eat).

wednesday gave us foundation beams, checking and inspecting and knowing the house was in the right place. absolutely nothing vertical.

thursday was a full first floor and into the second.

friday brought us happily up to three floors (really) with a chance to sing the praises of our house suppliers, mccoy’s of texas, who at one point in the afternoon sent wood to us on less than an hours notice to be offloaded by dump truck – the fourth large load of wood in four days (and maybe the last until siding?). we love mccoys. here is the house after friday’s work (taken early saturday morning):


and after a mere half day of work this morning, with microwave running to heat up early breakfasts, there is now a roof patio and walls and windows on the third floor. various friends stopped by to tour, chat, exclaim, and when all but the builder and framers had vacated, a friend came by and we stood in the front bedroom, moving as needed to let the wood go by, enjoying the view, the sun coming through the open frame walls, and the fact that every minute something changed about the house as sheathing and roofing went up around us. the rooms feel comfortable, spacious, and right, somehow. i feel like i’ve spent my first day in our new house.



2 Responses to “chatting under a roof”

  1. treadmarks Says:

    2006? Really?

    Looks good.

  2. Jonathan Reibsamen Says:

    Wow. Fantastic. Can’t wait to see it in person. You have a guest room, right?

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