a dramatic confluence of trucks

well, as i think you can easily imagine, while i have lots of time to watch things happen, i have very little time at home to write about them. if i was more savvy (or more techn0-geeky) i would have a laptop and type posts at the property while using the eastside free wifi from the city. but alas, i’ll just be a slow poster.

so wednesday involved drilling. at the end of the day: big holes, very deep, a few mystery bars and pipes a ways underground, and everything was ready for foundation. thursday morning dawned not quite as early as wednesday, as the foundation contractors weren’t showing up until 9! an early phone call from austin energy made me wonder in a panicked moment whether the line for temporary power ran through the house footprint (i had a small nightmare the night before about this very thing). so out the door we raced, with tears in my eyes – this was a day i had been anticipating for what, a year and a half? [the tears were stress, not happiness] and then the long drive (thanks to austin traffic) gave me a chance to slow down, and we pulled up just in time to meet the guys. the power line looked great, and it turned out to be a slow morning – we delivered flowers to our neighbor, ate apples, sat on lawn chairs, saw my uncle driving through town….

and then – two foundation trucks (one with trailer), our car, truck and trailer of uncle – all parked on our small street. then – engineer in four runner, tree trimmers with large truck, chipper, and cherry picker (they were supposed to come in the am, but then…), owner of foundation company (and truck) who stayed to visit and chat about the pool (he loved it!), suprise visit from architect (and volvo) who took the afternoon off to see the action and christmas shop, and the pending arrival of …

concrete. and then the portable toilet truck arrived, corin got a wood chip in his eye, i called the doctor, architect played mom, and by dark we had trimmed pecans, 10 piers, and the house had begun.

daily time lapse photos to start tomorrow. i’m saving them up.


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