ballet for forklift, backhoe, and shipping container

there is nothing too elegant to say here. i have never worked so hard on something so out of the ordinary, for such a complete ending in success. not that the pool has water in it, or the whole project has yet been proven as anything but a wild prototype by a slightly daring family. but. there was something essentially thrilling and breathtaking about watching 7,000 lbs. of steel catch air and gracefully manouever into place with only inches to spare on any side, including upwards (power lines abound).

container coming to town af

then in the mirror ase

the glorious symmetry (this is actually how i’d imagined it). as

for the curious, the black is a coal tar epoxy that will protect the parts that will be underground. only the blue will show once grading and landscaping are done.

i was very proud. asd the kids have been too far too many meetings,as but even they were glad.


there were cowboys df indians df

and power lines like potential electrical lassoes df

men climbed in, climbed out, hunkered down, tightened chains, measured straps, didn’t really ask me any questions, and talked about what would happen if a chain snapped. the kids weren’t allowed to cross the street, and the alley was completely blocked. since it is actually a street and we don’t actually own it, i spend half the time (2 hours in all) worrying that a cop would come along and hand me a ticket as the yahoo in charge of breaking various right-of-way laws and the other half of the time pondering the fact that though i had in fact been the driving force behind this day, i had nothing to do, as it was now in hands actually capable of bringing the move to completion.dfg

there was no shortage of men in hats… dfdf

and though it is hard to tell, the picture above is the moment when we finally have air under the box instead of a trailer, and the next thing you know (with intervening SLOW driving and pushing and pulling by a backhoe) the pool has cleared the power lines, the curb, two large pecan trees, more power lines, and tree fencing to be at the back of our postage stamp!


home sweet home. i’m looking forward to swimming.


3 Responses to “ballet for forklift, backhoe, and shipping container”

  1. Kerin Says:

    i can’t tell from the last photo, but is it actually underground as far as it will be already, or do you have more moving and digging to do? Looks like a huge undertaking accomplished, Brooke:) Way to go! I can’t wait to swim in it, either;)

  2. cheryl Says:

    Woo hoo! We can’t wait to invite ourselves over for a swim some time. ;o) What a cool accomplishment! Hope it turns out to be everything you’ve been hoping for. So excited for you.

  3. James Says:

    Hi, love it. I’m looking to do a similar pool. What size and gauge tubing did you use? Looks like a 2×4 and a larger for the top. Thanks for posting so many pictures, there is such little information on the few pools that have been done! I have a 29,000 lb backhoe to move my containers with. I’m currently building my shop with some high cubes… It’s addicting.

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