git. r. done. (or my pool….. is welded.)

the parenthetical needs to be said with a jean claude van damme accent and pause structure.  this may be funny to no one but our family.  we have recently been on the my ________ is __________ train.  stupid humor.

but i actually said something up there.  the pool is welded.  completely.  5 holes for plumbing fixture attachment, one large hole for light, lots and lots of patch and steel box channel, and props to rogelio benitez.  he’ll probably never read this, but he took time from hipster-development welding on the east side to gather a crew and finish this weird experiment.  i’m going on vacation for 6 days and while i’m gone the box will be sandblasted (rust removal) and painted a lovely delft blue.  think water tower but without the local pride logo on the side.

an aside:  delft blue is actually the name of the color i chose, which brings to mind (for me at least) tulip crazes and holland fields of green.  but i found out today that tower color actually means something.  inside water treatment plants (and i was talking to someone who knows water treatment plants?!?!) there are different color holding tanks depending on the status of their contents.  no expert here, but i hope delft blue signifies positive things.  happy swimming for instance.

no pictures today.  sorry.

aside aside:  i was standing in line somewhere last week and looked over at the guy next to me.  burly, white torn muscle tee, and written in black marker on his large deltoid was git-r-done.  before this pool i would have had no idea the depth of meaning conveyed by this phrase in the building world.


One Response to “git. r. done. (or my pool….. is welded.)”

  1. cheryl Says:

    sweet! can’t wait to see pics! :o)

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