…without breaking a few eggs.

you can’t build a pool? raise two sons? learn new skills? get tougher? eat omelettes?

any of the above are true at this point. let’s hope i turn out to be a better pool engineering experimenter than omelette flipper.


i was trying to be like omelette greats: madeleine kamman, julia child, taylor… not so much. but we did end up eating it ) because i tend to dust that windowsill somewhat obsessively.

i haven’t been able to bring myself to write because nothing has been happening in building land, and nothing is happening in adoption-land, and so what would i write about?

but now, there is something to tell. the shipping container is on its way to looking like a pool. residing in very far southeast austin, it has been decked with 6″ square steel channel and waits for a little more welding before being coated with 4 coats of paint.


and the land. it’s, well, just the way it was a month ago, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a little prep going on. the trees are trimmed, and a lot of mulch is covering their delicate roots so the forthcoming construction doesn’t hurt them.


so that’s where we stand.  i think i can tell you how much this house will cost to build now, with the help of many friends and their contacts, and our garage now houses sinks, bamboo flooring, mosaic tile, faucets, and a lot of ikea light fixtures.


One Response to “…without breaking a few eggs.”

  1. cheryl Says:

    Okay, the omelette picture was worth the wait. Too funny.
    So exciting about the pool. Really can’t wait to see the finished product! :o)

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