little people and large trucks

truck envy

this is the weed zone. it will someday look like a well-manicured modern home, condo-sized, but now it looks like a mosquito infestation crossed with an arboretum. as i write, it is being chopped into submission by the builder’s husband, who is using a bladed weedeater to get it ready for loads and loads of mulch. it protects the roots of the arboretum’s three trees. mulch will come, and then an excavator, and then a large lift and the metal box. but that’s fast-forwarding a little too much, as the box is still in smithville with a side missing.

so let’s talk about something else, like truck envy. being very! reluctant texans, we have never suffered from what might be called large-vehicle-one-upmanship, and then we met the bronco pictured above. we just had to have one. so the male half of our family started shopping craig’s list, not being willing to settle for anything that wouldn’t seat all of us, even the daughter who hasn’t come yet, with seat belts. and then, we found it. 1979, ford, largest engine they ever put into a truck. we’re building green so that we make our own carbon offsets for the truck.

but what about the little people? they like the truck. especially when we take them to the draught house and eat nachos in the back after soccer practice. man, we are texan.

oh, right, the picture below is the current state of salina. which won’t last much longer. about to go in besides mulch and the pool are 10 piers, 15′ deep each, 14″ diameter concrete with rebar, and a large sweep of retaining walls and tree wells so the lot will actually slope toward the street (instead of being a pond in the making).



2 Responses to “little people and large trucks”

  1. treadmarks Says:

    You are too funny. I NEVER imagined you guys buying an SUV. But for this phase in your life, I can see its benefits. Enjoy the gas mileage.

    (Chickpea says hi to Ari, by the way. She asked where he was the other day, as in, ‘wasn’t he just right here a second ago?’)

  2. sunee Says:

    that’s a pretty hot truck in the pic. we should totally get one like that šŸ™‚

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