grocery lists for home building

1. patience

2. ability to hold the phone with your shoulder so you can wash dishes, answer random questions (like ‘what are we eating next?’), and talk to potential contractors at the same time.  the eating questions are only answered when on hold with the phone person.

3. 3 vessel sinks with faucets included (thank you ebay), and a snazzy kitchen faucet that has the very mod name ‘metro’.

4. 212 square feet of 1×1 mosaic tile that we found on sale for the two showers (‘twist of lime’ at mosaic tile

5. stainless steel undermount sink

6. really cheap old-fashioned-ymca-looking shower faucets to complement the 1970’s mosaic tile look.

7. nifty floating house numbers that don’t cost $110 each (thank you home depot).

8. the ability to memorize many phone numbers so dialing in the car isn’t a safety hazard.

9.  shoes that protect from fire ants.

10. humility, so you can tell people for the 1,000,000,000th time that the pool really isn’t quite done yet, but really, it will be some day and then we really, really, really will break ground.

11. friends who know lots of things you don’t know so you can call around with every question and get an answer without crying.

12. a husband who can cook.  and likes shopping for ceiling fans and outdoor light fixtures.

13. excel.

14. homebrew.


4 Responses to “grocery lists for home building”

  1. Kim Says:

    Hang in there my friend!!! If you need a break from the craziness, you can come over and meet our new puppies! Ok, maybe that wouldn’t really be a break…but it would be fun, yes?

  2. cheryl Says:

    Cannot wait to see the “finished” project…that is the house and the pool! :o) What an exciting adventure. I mean really, how many people can say they’ve done, or even thought of some of these things. ;o)

  3. sunee Says:

    jealous. not of all the work. of how cool your house will be.

    here’s to tile, pools, sinks, and showers.

  4. Kerin Says:

    you’re building mine afterwards, right??

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