ode to a waffle iron

you were so hot

sizzling sweetly, clicking softly

you always let us know when the smack-your-lips were ready.

and then your handle completely fell off.

thank you for a decade of breakfast delight.


and now, another ode to another waffle iron:


dark green 4 door honda

you look so reliable, faithful, boring,

as though i may never even need to change your oil.

taylor calls you our new appliance….


i’ll happily call you waffle iron.


3 Responses to “ode to a waffle iron”

  1. treadmarks Says:

    That dark green 4-door Honda we had just before moving was the best car we ever owned. I actually miss it a little.

  2. sunee Says:

    sad. wasn’t the waffle iron like one of your children? i’ve got a 20% bed, bath, & beyond coupon if you want it for a replacement.

  3. Christina Says:

    Wow Wageness, sad about first waffle iron, glad about second – hope it lasts as long as the first. (waffle iron that is).
    muchos muchos miss you! (ok, seriously, someday I will try to write a comment in spanish .. or spanglish…but not tonight.)
    Thanks again for teaching me scone making…i made two popular batches today!

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