on new verbs, hard days, and being a woman in a man’s world.

to redneck (v):  to solve a problem in a way that seems dangerous, foolhardy, and unrealistic to a person from the big city; to create a solution using the tools at hand; to do things the way people always do when they can’t just ‘pay someone’ to do it for them.  the men pulled the 8,500 lb. shipping container off the back of the gooseneck by chaining it to a cedar and straightening its line of pull with a small forklift and a pickaxe handle stuck into the side of the trailer.  that is to say that they rednecked it.

hard days:  our stupid car isn’t worth taking any space on this blog, but it was in the shop for one month, and our insurance covered a very small percentage of the problems.  we’ve been driving it for exactly one day, and the thing worth mentioning is that yesterday as i was pulling onto 360, i didn’t.  the front bumper now has a hole exactly the size of a chevy tahoe tow hitch in it.  thankfully, this really doesn’t make for a bad day, just a lot of standing in the sun and telling myself that things like this do happen to everyone.

and then we failed our first building inspections.  in a year of firsts for brooke, i am having to get used to the word fail, and take it for a less serious event.  failing to not hit the car in front of me, failing building inspections.  i wondered – can i really build a house.  had i written yesterday, i probably would have mused on why i failed exactly, what it meant, and why there was no written notice telling me what to do differently.  but there wasn’t!  oh no!  horrors!  i need perspective.

julio the very helpful building inspector told me this morning at 7:30am when i called him that is is kind of hard to check a site if the gate is locked.  thus no note.  i did have the combination put in his call notes, but apparently they like open gates.  so monday we’ll try again.  what an adventure.

today i’ll try to find out what colors the nifty pool paint can be, what type of lights can be placed through the walls of a shipping container, and how potato-leek soup tastes when made by a nine year old.

i have pictures of rednecking in my phone.  when i extract them, you can be sure they’ll show up here.  it was strange and empowering to watch 8500 lbs of metal be delivered and rednecked because of an idea, and also strange to stand by the sidelines and just watch, knowing that ideas are the start of any concrete process.  having never made anything before (really), the realness of it is thrilling.


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