pool: part I

today, a container is purchased. i write this as i wait for an email invoice to show up in my……….ok, that was the container people on the phone. i will go to the bank today, wire money, and the box shown below, marked with 676074 and painted the same orange i’d like to see on our front door, is ours.


for the interested, which i guess this post assumes, shipping containers are made of 16 gauge carbon steel (as opposed to galvanized or stainless) and almost all are roofed.  if you study this picture you may ask ‘how are you going to make a shipping container watertight?  doesn’t it have doors?’  someone really asked me that this week.  earnestly.  i felt both defensive and a little insulted.

i did answer ‘weld it.’

ok, so part II will be transport.  there is a kind of dorky photo i took yesterday of a large list of feasibility barriers to doing this pool.  i wrote it in an attempt to not quit on said pool, thinking it would be more for entertainment (it taunted me).  but i don’t have time to post it now.  suffice it to say that the really long list now has tons of little notes around each item and solutions now exist.

a friend told me this week that i was about due for a success, and i can hardly believe i am approaching one.

reduce. reuse. recycle.


4 Responses to “pool: part I”

  1. Kim Says:

    …we’re pulling for you…

  2. treadmarks Says:

    Oh man! We are so excited for y’all! Just wondering if you are going to have it buried at a slope so one end will be shallower than the other? …might save on water.

  3. Kerin Says:

    i can’t wait to take a dip;)

  4. Jonathan Reibsamen Says:

    So since it has doors, you’re going to have to put them at the top, right? So it will be, like, eight feet by eight feet by twenty-four feet deep?

    But seriously, I am curious about water filtration and purifying. What’s the plan there?

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