well, i have been thinking all month that i am going to try to post every saturday, and i thought it wouldn’t be too hard, but then here it is and i haven’t posted since the car thing.  and that is still going on and on and on.   and when i try to think of a clever theme, i never write.

so here i am, and there is a long list of things that are happening.  part 1:

i waffled, worried, and wondered over weeks (and almost months) as to whether trying to build a pool out of a shipping container is insane.  and i kept trying to solve problem after problem and not get down about going off the beaten path.  taylor, my biggest supporter, stuck by through all the waffling, as i would say ‘oh let’s just call pool contractors and cave.  30,000 isn’t that much!>!>!>’  and so, after calls, more calls, lots of flow charts, and a week of vacation with 5 little boys in florida, i still…………………

hadn’t decided.  but time is ticking on here.  so i show up to volunteer at the cooking school at central market after stepping off the florida plane (free classes and celebrity chefs! not too mention cooking) and the executive chef at jeffrey’s, a very cool woman, asks about the pool.  i confess my waffling, and she says ‘but if you don’t have a shipping container pool, how can i have one?’  and that was it.  i decided to dive in.  a phone call to my dad, a chemist, at 6:45am that morning (it was later for me than him, unfortunately for him) had achieved something too, as he told me it wasn’t insane from a chemical/metal/underground box standpoint.

part 2:

my house is full of dust bunnies, and to control this, we now have a helper, who shall remain nameless.  (you’d mock me, as i named him)  you will be happy to know that he is inanimate, made by irobot.  but i thought today, as i broke out the house helper vaccuum, and at the same time swept dust bunnies from under the shoe cubby with my hands and told corin, an able lad, that he should start getting the corners with the dust buster, that this dog sheds too much.  that’s all i have to say about that.

part 3:

in the past month, two new cookbooks have been added to the bookshelf in our kitchen, and another one came to live here in early spring, and i haven’t made a single recipe out of any of them.  and there’s another one, whose recipes have been tried, but the cool pictures i took aren’t here, with a clever post, but saved somewhere in the bowels of the computer.  my life is on a new path, a strange one where i forget that we need to eat meals and that i be around mentally and physically to prepare them.  we’ve never eaten so many saltines and peanut butter.  taylor just keeps eating chips and salsa.  don’t tell my nutrition professor.

part 4:

daily life at this point is fun, and funny.  it is somewhat like a perpetual scavenger hunt, with tacos for sustenance.  and the scavenger hunt is interrupted for playing cards, reading chapter book, talking about virtues, listening to detailed descriptions of lego battles and cars and people and adventures, and occasional cleaning of dust bunnies.

i often think (and say to taylor) that i can’t do this.  the whole thing is just too concrete.  i would be so much happier as an academic.  but the deeper part of me, i think, the part i forget about because i see my shortcomings quickly and don’t catalogue my strengths when i’m feeling overwhelmed, is delighted that the whole building process is so complex and real.  doing it right means i’m learning, and the completion will be valuable.

but don’t ask me when we’ll be done.  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “happenings.”

  1. leah Says:

    brooke, you’re awesome. just thought i’d mention that i was eating saltines and peanut butter as i read your post. . .

  2. Kerin Says:

    hi friend,
    thanks for updating. i thought about you all day, and wondering what you were thinking today. glad to know. May God bless your efforts to serve Him.
    love you.
    ps thanks so much for the package!

  3. Jonathan Reibsamen Says:

    Yay academia!

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