you may find yourself….

in east texas, miles from anywhere with a population greater than 10, with a car that slowly ground to a halt after being unable to climb hills, with a nine-year old, all his worldly possessions, which includes cowboy boots and underwear labeled with his name, wondering what to do next.

only to find that your cell phone doesn’t work this far out in the country.

and then you may find yourself coasting to a stop at an intersection with one store on one corner, and the woman who works there may offer to let you use the long distance, which you do, to call your spouse, the people also going to the same camp an hour further into east texas (who are already there and also don’t have cell coverage), the insurance people, the wrecker down the road, and your spouse again, to tell him that you’ll be ok and the other family will be coming to get you and taking you even further into east texas than the camp to spend the night and deliver you home again the next morning with freshly washed clothes, a toothbrush and bed, etc. having been provided.

and then you may wonder if you might be shopping for a new car sometime soon. perhaps this week?

but you won’t be wondering if there are people in east texas that will stop to help a damsel in distress.


3 Responses to “you may find yourself….”

  1. Kim Says:

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about your troubles!!! Hope y’all were able to sort things out. Good luck on the new car!

  2. amar rama Says:

    Hrmm.. so the ford is out then?

  3. Braddock Family Says:

    Your blog made me smile on this day, and I needed that, because my heart is breaking – soon, oh so soon, my first “birdie” will use her strong and developed wings and will fly away from the nest. It’s time; we’ve prepared for this for eighteen years, but it still hurts! Just as bringing a baby home changes everything, so does having a “baby” leave. These car breaking, shoe matching, interesting dinner days are precious; I know you know that… Enjoy the ups and the downs – it’s the time of your life and time truly does fly by! Love, Lydia

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