good book.

have you ever read a book, and a few chapters into it, you realize that you have begun to think like the character, but you didn’t know it all at once?

good writing.  our older son recommended a book to me from the newberry list once he finished it, so it was my reading on our trip just completed.  things it made me reflect on:

the fleeting nature of our lives and the people in them.

the concerns of young people and how akin they are to the concerns of adults, if anyone cares to look in.

how helpful it is to our own perspective to step into someone else’s shoes for a few hours and pretend to be them.

don’t let your pretender stay broken.  read a good book.  the one i’m suggesting is M.C. Higgins the Great.  i’m sure it’s at your local library.  and it isn’t a feel-good-everything-resolves-in-the-end book.  more of the [slice of life that has many tensions and many unresolved issues we could be quick to condemn if we weren’t just listening] variety.


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