a month in latin america

i didn’t exactly have my life planned out upon graduating from high school. or college.  or after having kids.

but one thing i’m seeing as a trend is that what i imagine will come along next in my life is not usually as good as what ends up happening.  i’m not living a seeking-the-next-thrill life, and i’ve got goals that are very long-term – good relationships, not wasting my time acquiring crap that i’ll eventually give to goodwill, enjoying the people who live in my house and the other people who come over.  but sometimes i just have to smile that even with all the choices taylor and i have made to eschew money, suprises come along.

march was the month of latin america – second week (austin’s spring break) in mexico & last week in costa rica.  i am in love with speaking spanish, and i am very content to be translating, especially when the conversation is about a worthwhile topic.  so this past month, a little reprieve from the paperwork/meetings of adopting and building a new house, was full of crazily good conversations (in both spanish and english) and lots of time to enjoy people.  and watch little people run around like wild men on the campus we were visiting in CR, inventing a new pastime they call snarking.

take advantage of the days and people you have.  both are fleeting.



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